Below is a link to various press releases I have issued on my research and activities, and related press coverage

2022 Research Lives personal profile in the Irish Times

It’s about being a dedicated and enthusiastic scientist, and researching questions that you can’t put down” by Claire O’Connell

2022 Shared Island Funding: SUGARCOAT project

Press release: NUI Galway (“Researchers aim to give new layer of protection to medical devices”).
Radio Interview on Galway Bay FM: podcast (0:29:00-0:38:50); article summary; [audio file]
Coverage in Connacht Tribune, Daily Mail (UK), Irish Medical Times, and Galway Daily

2020 Nomination to Attend Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting

Press release: NUI Galway, and Irish Research Council. Coverage in Irish Chemical News.

2019 Dillon Centenary Symposium

Press release: NUI Galway

Media: Galway Daily (“Centenary celebration of a revolutionary Galway chemist”), Irish Chemical News, (“Rebel Chemist”)

2019 SFI SIRG Award

Press releases: NUI Galway, and Science Foundation Ireland [lay abstracts].

Media: KFM interview, article in the Leinster Leader (“€420,000 grant a 30th birthday present for Kildare’s Dr Joe Byrne”), article in Kildare Nationalist (“Local scientist pioneers research into bacterial infections”) article on Galway Daily, article in SIN, NUI Galway’s Student magazine (“NUI Galway researcher granted nearly €420,000 for bacterial infection project”)  general launch coverage in the Irish Times, article and footage from launch on Silicon Republic. Leinster Leader Facebook; Note in Ollscéalta Spring 2019 edition of NUI Galway staff newsletter.