Current project

Our primary research focusses on luminescent glycoclusters and materials as sensors for bacterial lectins. These systems will be developed into diagnostic technologies for detecting bacterial infections.

We also have an interest in antimicrobial properties of novel carbohydrate-derived compounds, such as metal complexes and multivalent materials.

We have further expertise in luminescent self-assemblies, such as lanthanide complexes, supramolecular chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry (including catalysis).


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Other contributions

Conference report: JP Byrne, P Melle, M Valencia, Á Vivancos, “Homogenous Catalysis – New Paradigms, Wonderful Applications” – Swiss Chemical Society Spring Meeting, University of Bern, 21st April 2017, Chimia, 2017, 71, 316; DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2017.316

Contributions to Faraday Discussions, 2019, 219, including the discussion on “Preparation of multivalent glycan micro- and nano-arrays”