Joe gives seminar to MIT Glycobiology Club

Joe was invited by the GlycoBio club at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about his recent article in RSC Advances, along with other work from the group. Carbohydrate researchers from MIT and other institutes in the Cambridge area tuned in to watch the talk and ask questions. Dr Adele Gabba hosted the seminar.

Invited seminar at Keele University

Joe delivered a seminar to postgraduate students and academic staff at Keele University as part of their annual Seminar Series. Joe was invited to speak by Dr Chris Hawes, Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at Keele. The seminar was entitled “Sweetness and light: a journey towards diagnostic tools” and described the research which underpins the current work in the Byrne group as well as some recent results.

CÚRAM Centre Webinar

Joe was invited to present an online seminar by Prof Abhay Pandit, the Director of the CÚRAM Centre for Medical Device Research. Prof Pandit is one of the collaborators from CÚRAM involved in the group’s SIRG project. Joe gave a presentation titled: “Sweetness and light: a journey towards diagnostic tools based on luminescent glycoclusters”, where he explained to a multidisciplinary audience how his prior research interests led towards the current research programme that the Byrne Group is investigating. There was some good discussion after the seminar.

Online Seminar Series

Joe is organising an Online Seminar Series in NUI Galway’s School of Chemistry. The programme for this series of lectures is given below, and many of the talks will be open to the public. Links will be shared on the School’s Events page in the days before the lecture. Seminars are hosted on Microsoft Teams group “NUI Galway Chemistry Seminar Series”. With most normal activities in research labs shut down for a period of months due to the Coronavirus Lockdown, and conferences canceled for the summer, these seminars offer us a chance to engage with exciting research from around the world.

The weekly seminars take place on Fridays at 12 noon (Irish time), unless otherwise specified. Contact Joe directly for more details.

PROGRAMME OF SPEAKERS (currently confirmed)

22 May12:00Chris HawesKeele University (UK)
29 May15:00*Grace Morgan*UCD Dublin (IE)
5 June12:00Syma KhalidUniversity of Southampton (UK)
12 June12:00Kurt HoogewijsNUI Galway (IE)
19 June12:00Carmen GalanUniversity of Bristol (UK)
26 June16:00*Keary Engle*Scripps Institute (USA)
3 July12:00Jelena StojadinovicMembrasenz (CH)
10 July12:00Jean-Louis ReymondUniversity of Berne (CH)
17 July12:00Nathalie WeickgenanntAngewandte Chemie

Joe gives seminar at Maynooth University

Joe was invited to give a seminar in his alma mater Maynooth University on 6th December 2019. He spoke about his research into luminescence and carbohydrates and how his current project is bringing these together. The presentation was titled: “Sweetness and light: a journey towards diagnostic tools”.

There was some good discussion afterwards with staff and students of the Department of Chemistry, and a lunch with Dr Diego Montagner and Dr Elisa Fadda, to further continue the conversation.

Thanks to Maynooth for their hospitality!